Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Activity 96: Battling Beaks

Today and Tomorrow during the block periods, students will do activity 96: which was called Battling Beaks. Students looked at bird beak variation to see how natural selection changes beak characteristics. Each student had 3 different type of beaks, 1-tined, 2-tined, and 4-tined. All students started with the 2-tined birds. each student had to try to eat the most food (fruit loops) in order to survive. The winner of each round would keep their beak and role a dice to see what type of beaks the losers or their offspring would be. Over time, the (4-tined) birds would start to increase because they could eat the most food. Natural selection allowed the 4-tined to survive while the 1-tined and 2-tined birds were not able to survive.

Homework: Study of Final!

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