Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Activity 91 and 95

On Monday and Tuesday this week students did a couple different activities. On Monday they looked at fossil footprints that had been discovered by paleontologists. The a 3 different cards that were connected together, but they could only look at one card at a time. When they looked at the card they had to make observations of what they saw on the card and then they had to make inferences on what they thought was going on during that time. After the students made the observations and inferences the continued on to the next card which connected to the previous card. After seeing all three cards they had to make a hypothesis of what behaviors were going on from the fossil footprints. The next activity was on adaptations and natural selection. Students had to model how species who are well adapted to their environment have a higher chance of surviving through the process of natural selection. Students modeled this by showing three generations of green worms and beige worms which were eaten by birds. They modeled that the beige worms that blended in with the floor survived and reproduced while the green worms that stood out ended up dying and their population decreased.

Hmk: Study for Life Science Final Next Tuesday

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