Saturday, May 15, 2010

Activity 101: Birds of a feather

On Friday students read activity 101 which was about the Dodo bird and the common pigeon. The reading compared the two types of birds, and looked at human impact on each type of bird. The Dodo bird came from a small island Mauritius next to Madagascar. The Dodo bird was 30-50 pounds, could run fast, and would eat fruit that fell from the trees. Sailors traveling between Asia and Europe started stopping at Mauritius and started hunted the Dodo bird. Rats, Monkeys, and Pigs that came on the ships would eat the eggs of the Dodo birds. In less than 200 years because of these incidents, the Dodo bird went extinct. The Common Pigeon is a relative of the Dodo bird. It was domesticated and was used for various things like racing, delivering mail, stunts, and shows. Over time the common pigeon escaped its home and breed with wild pigeons making offspring that are called Feral Pigeons. These offspring can run very fast, breed at a young age, have many offspring and are very successful making the wild pigeons population very small. Both birds had adaptations while natural selection allowed Feral pigeons to survive.

HMK: Study for year final on Tuesday!!!


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