Thursday, April 8, 2010

Planet Earth: "From Pole to Pole"

Today students continued working on Activities 75, 76, and 77. They had to classify animals into their phylum and then grouped the Chordates into their correct sub-phylum. If you want more details look at yesterday's post. During enrichment today, students watched the Planet Earth DVD episode :Pole to Pole. This episode travels through the different biomes from tundra to tropical rainforest. The students had to describe an adaptation of a specific animal that allowed it to live in its habitat. They also had to explain the characteristics of each habitat. Students also updated their table of contents.

HMK: All Research Questions are due tomorrow!


  1. its david
    can we do a Brochure
    also how many pcture do i need on it

  2. Its Reynaldo can we do a power point on our computer at home and use a thumb drive and bring it to school?

  3. Yes to both of the questions above. The number of pictures is up to you as an individual but the final presentation needs to have all parts complete including food web and map of species area in which is lives. You can either save it on a thumb drive or send it to my school email address.
    Thanks, Mrs. J

  4. OK. Thank you Mrs. Johnson.