Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Classifying Vertebrate Animals into their Sub-Phylum

Today students worked on a couple different activities. They first finished classifying the 18 animal cards into the 6 phylum which they had started yesterday. Next the students worked on Activity 76 in which they had to classify 8 mystery animals into the 6 sub-phylum of Chordata. The 6 sub-phylum were Amphibian, Reptile, Mammal, Bony Fish, and Birds. The students had to read the letters about the mystery animals and predict which sub-phylum they belong in by analyzing the animal's characteristics. After that activity, student started Activity #77: Ups and Downs in which students analyze Zebra Mussel growth and Graph the population of the Zebra Mussels throughout the years. We will finish this activity on Friday.

HMK: Work on Project!

Hint of the day: Platypus belongs to the sub-phylum Mammal!


  1. Hi it's martin,
    you should have posted the pictures and areas of research for the project cause I don't have them or a book!!!!!!!!!

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