Saturday, April 17, 2010

Activity 80-81: Photosynthesis Lab

On Friday, Students did activities 80-81 in which they used an elodea plant to see how light affects photosynthesis. Students used a BTB indicator solution to see if carbon dioxide or oxygen was present in the water. They started with yellow water which showed that carbon dioxide was in the water. They then placed elodea plant into two vials. They covered one vial with aluminum foil to block the light from entering. They placed both vials under the light and examined what was going on. They found that the vial with no aluminum foil turned blue. This meant that the plant was doing photosynthesis and oxygen was now in the vial. The vial with aluminum foil stayed yellow because photosynthesis did not occur because it needs light to process.

HMK: Work on project. Remember Permission slip and money for Zoo Trip!

Hint: CO2 + Water + Sunlight --> Food + O2

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