Friday, April 9, 2010

Activity #74 Observing Black Worms

Today students will be investigating black worms by doing activity 74: "Observing Organisms in their Habitat." Each group of students will have a black worm to investigate. They will have to find out how:

1. How does the blackworm move?
2. How does it respond to touch?
3. Can you identify which end is the head?
4. How does the blackworm move on filter paper?
5. What type of environment do you think the blackworm lives in?
6. How do you think the blackworm survives in it environment?

Students will also have to draw a picture of the blackworm.

Homework: Students remember to have your parents sign the Zoo trip permission slip and bring it back with the 6 dollars!

Hint:Blackworms belong to the phylum Annelida!

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