Monday, November 8, 2010

Activity 32-33: Vectors and Carriers

Today students analyzed the difference between vectors and carriers. First, we discussed and defined carrier: a person who has no symptoms of a disease but still passes it on to someone else. Next, we defined vector: an organism other than a human who passes on a disease without getting sick. Then, we defined epidemiologist: a scientist who studies the path of an infectious disease. After we discussed these important terms, student watched a video on the Bubonic plague. While watching, students answered 4 questions:
1. In 1900, what did the government do to try to stop the plague?
2. Draw a diagram showing the spread of the Bubonic plague.
3. What is the vector of the Bubonic Plague?
4. In 1906, scientists finally knew what causes the plague, what did they do this time to stop the spread of the Plague?

Finally, students wrapped the day up by discussing how Malaria spreads and what we could do to stop the spread.