Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Activity #31: Range of Diseases

Today students worked on researching a particular infectious disease. First, our class read about how scientists study disease. Our new word for the day was PSA or Public Service Announcement. Next, each group picked a different infectious disease packet which contained important information about the disease. Each group read the disease and carried out an inner conversation chart when reading the packet. After students finished reading, they wrote down the following information about their disease:
1. Description of Disease
2. Symptoms of Disease
3. How Disease Spreads
4. Picture of Disease

Finally, students created a PSA poster about their disease to present to the class!


  1. gabby schmitz 2nd period :P

  2. Deanna Main period 2

  3. Janessa Salas period 7

  4. Alexis Romero per 2

  5. Kaley Sanchez!Per.7 :D