Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday August 23

Today students set up their science notebook. We started off by numbering the pages 1-20 using both sides of the paper. Next, we made the table of contents on pages 1 and 2 with four columns: date, activity name and #, score, and pages. Then, we added science vocab to the very last page in our notebook. We then filled out the scientific method on page 3 which is: step 1: Question, Step 2: Hypothesis, Step 3: Procedure, Step 4: Data, and Step 5: Conclusion. After we set up our science notebook, we gave out group jobs at each table. The four jobs are supply master, procedure specialist, team manager, and recycling engineer.

Homework: There is no homework tonight!

If you have not brought kleenex or hand sanitizer please try to bring hand soap!


  1. Dacre Kurth Period 7.

  2. Nick Repp Period 7.

  3. Kaley Sanchez Per.7

  4. Charleigh Moore p.6 hello