Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Activity #4: How scientists test medicine

Today students did activity #4 which was a reading about how scientists test medicine. The reading focused on the steps we take to test medicine. Before scientists test medicine, the volunteers have to sign a informed consent form to waive liability to the doctors and scientist. Then when the tests begin, only a few volunteers actually get the medicine. Most of the volunteers get the placebo which is a fake or inactive pill. This is to make sure that no one is faking and to make sure the medicine is actually effective. This also controls the experiment.

The students answered stopping to think questions 1-3 and analysis question #3 on pages A-16 through A-19.

They finished the day by reflecting on whether testing medicine is important or not!


  1. Kaley Sanchez! Peroid 7.

  2. Patrick Van Soelen Per. 2

  3. why don't you give us more homework this class is too easy

  4. Christian Vega Peroid 6