Monday, September 12, 2011

Activity #8 : Studying People

For the next three days in Life Science, students will be completing activity #8: Studying People. In this activity, students will read about the elements that make up a well designed experiment. Students will complete four corner vocab on the following words: Data, Qualitative Data, Quantitative Data, Sample Size, Trials. Students will finish the activity by writing an essay about the elements that make up a well designed experiment and about how data drives the decisions that they make.


  1. Hi Jwoww your awesome
    Rose Pd.5

  2. Jordan Moore
    Period 5

  3. hey Mrs. Johnson what are you doing? See you in class!!!!

  4. hey mrs. johnson
    destiny deherrera per.4

  5. hi Mrs.johnson when i told my mom about the essay we had to do she was like oh my god but i was like please mom thats so easy.
    Zoey Vigil
    per. 5