Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Activity #60: Mendel Reading

Today students finished calculating the ratio of tail color inheritance in critters. They should have found a 3:1 ratio of Blue to Orange tails. Blue is the dominant tail color and orange is the recessive tail color. Next students read about Gregor Mendel's genetic discoveries. As students read, they completed the SQP2Rs Strategy and took Cornell Notes about the reading. Students finished the class about writing a summary about Mendel's Genetics.

Due Friday: Genetic Disorder Project

Honors Class: Bring back signed contract


  1. Deanna Main Period 2

  2. Ricardo Maximiliano P.2

    Sorry for not going to school today Ms.Johnson.

    The only homework is to turn in the signed contract.

  3. Marissa Montano period 2 i hope you like my website