Monday, December 6, 2010

Activity #44: Classification of Microbes

For the first part of the day students went to their CSAP testing rooms and took the writing benchmark test. After the test was done, students attended periods 1-4. In science class, students practiced classifying microbes. They started of by looking a different cards that had information and pictures of specific microbes. Then as a group they sorted each microbe into a group according to a specific characteristic. Next, students were given a information card to each of the five kingdoms of life and a virus card. There job was to revise their groups into one of the kingdoms or virus groups. They wrote their final groups in their notebook.

Homework: SCIENCE FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Honors Class: Cell (favorite place) Drawing

Hint: There will be a quiz on Friday over the 5 Kingdoms of life!


  1. Patrick Van Soelen per. 2

  2. Deanna Main Period 2 =)Thanks For The Heads Up On The Quiz Firday :)

  3. Samantha Ruckle Period 2

  4. Kaley Sanchez!Per.7