Monday, October 4, 2010

Activity #6: Respiratory System

Today students did activity #16: The Respiratory System. We began class by assigning each student different pages to read about the respiratory system. The students silently read their assigned pages. After 5 minutes of reading, the students then took turns teaching the rest of their group about what they read. Each member had to tell the rest of the class what the main idea was from their reading and any important details that they learned. Next, students answered 4 questions about the respiratory system.
1. How is respiration different from breathing?
2. What are two functions of the respiratory system?
3. What is the pathway in which air goes to your lungs?
4. What gases are exchanged in the respiratory system?

After students answered these questions, they had to fill in the structures of the respiratory system on their worksheet.

Tomorrow: Gas Exchange Lab!

Homework: Progress reports were sent home today. They are due back this Friday with a parent signature!

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