Monday, September 27, 2010

Activity #14 part I: Magic School Bus Digestion

Today students carried out activity #14 part one which is the beginning of the digestive system. Students had to answer six questions about the steps of the digestive system by watching Magic School Bus: Out to Lunch. At the end of the movie, students had to summarize the steps in which food moves throughout their body.

Hint of the day:

Step 1: mouth
Step 2: esophagus
Step3: stomach
Step4: Small intestine
Step 5: Large intestine
Step 6: Rectum

Homework due today: Organ Wanted Posters!!!!


  1. hi mrs johnson,this is kira thomas p.4. i thought the activity today was actually pretty cool. :)

  2. Samantha Ruckle. Per.2(:

  3. Deanna! Main Period 2

  4. Dacre Kurth Per. 7